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Active AgriScience Inc. 
Logo redesign | Corporate Identity | Print design | Product guide design | Photography | Trade show display


Active AgriScience Inc. supports the farming community by providing innovative, effective, and economical products that increase yields. A leader in plant nutrient and bioactive compound research and technology, Active AgriScience uses rigorous scientific methods to develop and enhance products to improve farm production and profits. 

The task was to create a new corporate identity due to the company's name change that corresponds more directly to its mission – to develop and enhance products to improve farm production and profits through innovation and the application of scientific research and technology. 

We developed a clean new concept for their brand including static and animated logos, letterhead, presentation folder, business cards, sell-sheet and label templates, trade show booth, product guide and more.


The inspiration for this logo came from the word "synergy" which means the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. Active AgriScience is more than just an agricultural products company, it offers not just fertilizers. It's a company that is able to find and deliver the synergy of right elements and create technologies that are agronomically and economically beneficial to farmers across the world and its new branding reflects that now.  

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