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Taurus Agricultural Marketing
Corporate video production | Script | Art directing | Video editing


Taurus provides agronomically advanced solutions to high-performance growers by sourcing the most innovative and proven products while backing them with a solid, measurable, scientific approach to growth. Taurus has spent the past 16 years defining the Why’s behind the How’s when it comes to providing growers with the knowledge, the information and the insights they need to take their crops – and their business – to the next level. 

Our task was to create corporate video in response to our client's comment: "We quite often get the question from people who are you and what do you do. Not an easy thing to explain because of our business model."

This short video helps to develop an understanding about this business, Taurus' commitments, the brand differentiation and provides brief info about the areas of expertise. All of the above are presented in short and easy to understand statements, which bring the Taurus brand closer to their potential clients.

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