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Branding | Corporate Identity | Labels | Catalogue design | Slogan | Brand Story


Building a brand from scratch is always a challenge for new business owners. Our task was to create a brand visual for a line of organic culinary oils with a potential to extend it later with other organic products as well.

We developed a clean look for the new brand that sets it apart from its competitors, including NutriVita brand name together with its slogan and the brand story, its corporate identity, labels and catalogue for the line of culinary oils.

Slogan: Quality Food for Everyday Living​.

Brand Story: We created the NutriVita brand with the idea of inspiring people to lead healthier, more vibrant lives by bringing a variety of healthy and nutritious foods to the market. Moreover, we are on the mission to make healthy eating affordable for everyone. We constantly sourcing the best products, best producers, and manufacturers to bring the best ingredients to your table and to make your life filled with better choices every day.

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